Benefits of digital dentistry

Beneficios de la odontología digital en Panamá - Benefits of digital odonthology in Panama

Issues before Digital odonthology

Previously the only way to obtain a model of your teeth was by taking impressions using a putty type material –which can be a messy experience and take a couple of minutes to set in the mouth.

With 3D optical scanning, a small wand-shaped device is waved around the mouth to take 3D scans of the teeth.

The process is completely mess free, comfortable, accurate and a faster method of taking impressions.

The scanner takes thousands of digital photographs your mouth in 3D, the digital file  is stored safely and sent for analysis.

Benefits of digital odonthology in Panama

There are many reasons why digital dentistry gives better dental treatment:


Not only are digital scans quicker, but instead of having send away dental impressions to a laboratory to create your restoration, your dentist can create a new restoration in the clinic in a single visit.

More Accurate

Using advanced laser impression technology, dental reconstructions can be created quicker and be more precise than ever before. This allows for the creation of treatment plans before your very eyes.

Better Quality

Digital restorations use advanced materials free of metals, that along with the precision of digital scanning and natural looking design.

More Comfortable

The digital scanning techniques allow for more accurate impressions to be made without making you feel uncomfortable. You can breathe and swallow normally, and even pause the process if you need to sneeze.

Better Aesthetics

Digital teeth design allows for precise, teeth coloured restorations and more personalised treatment paths.

How digital odonthology works

The initial phase of restoration, preparing the tooth surface, remains virtually the same.

First, any dental decay must be removed, and the remaining tooth must be shaped so that a crown or filling can be fitted properly. This will allow the tooth to be restored to its original shape, look, and function.

Next, the area is lightly dusted with a reflective material (not a goopy impression material) so that multiple images of your tooth’s surface can be recorded with a small scanning wand. Later, the computer component is connected to the scanning wand and these separate images are combined into a computer-generated 3D image.

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