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About us

Clínica Dental Champsaur Team

More than 45 years ago, Dr. Juan Ernesto Champsaur Bernal and Mireya Estenoz de Champsaur founded the Champsaur Dental Clinic.

During this time and thanks to the work ethic, will to fight, dedication and vocation of service, they built a nexus with the Panamanian community offering a family of high quality dental specialties.

This legacy and solid family values built a future-oriented practice in which doctors Juan Ernesto Champsaur, Ángela María Prieto de Champsaur and Desirée Champsaur de Moreno also participate, using the most advanced technology on the market to offer quality and well-being to all their patients.

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The first step to your complete oral health.


We will find the solution to any alignment problem so that it will smile again.


It will improve your speech, your bite when eating and give you the confidence you require.


More than 50 years of experience certify that we can create the perfect smile


A healthy support gives strength to the teeth and improves the smile.


Up-to-date technology for faster consultation and up-to-date treatment.


A healthy root keeps a healthy tooth and lengthens its lifespan.


From birth to adulthood we accompany your loved ones taking care of their oral health.

Our specialists

Dr. Juan E. Champsaur Bernal

Dental surgeon

Dra. Desirée Champsaur

Orthodontics Specialist

Dr. Juan E. Champsaur Bernal

Oral Rehabilitation Specialist

Dra. Angela María Prieto

Periodontics Specialist

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Champsaur Dental Clinic for more than 50 years caring for your oral health

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