Smile design What is it and what types are there?

Smile design What is it and what types are there?

A smile design is the process of planning cosmetic and sometimes orthodontic procedures that will create a great smile. Cosmetic dentists consider the patient’s mouth and face shape to create better aesthetics.

The design takes into consideration the relationship between every aspect of a person’s mouth and face, including the gums, lips, and teeth.

The process can involve implants, crowns, veneers, whitening, lip lifts, and gum alterations. There may be some physical benefits to your smile as well, such as fortified enamel with veneers or crowns to cover sensitive areas.

There are six facial shapes that you can observe by looking at the front of the face—heart, long, oval, triangle, square, and round. Looking at the face in profile, you can observe one of three profile types—convex, straight, and concave.

There are various reasons a patient may pursue a cosmetic smile design treatment, including the desire to:

  • Look younger
  • Be more confident
  • Improve chances for career advancement
  • Feel more attractive

Types of Smile Design

Each smile style is a combination of the teeth shapes for the front six teeth

For example, the four front teeth (incisors) could be either square at the corners, square at one corner and rounded at the other, or rounded at both corners. Similarly, the cuspids or eye teeth (third tooth back) could be pointed, rounded or flat. Combining these different shapes each produces a uniquely different smile style.

Smile design dentists will create your new smile taking into consideration two categories of factors: facial and dental features. Facial aspects focus on the soft and hard tissues that contribute to the smile. The dental component focuses more on the teeth and their relation to the soft tissue in the oral cavity, such as the gums.

Dental Procedures for Smile Design

Dental Bonding

Many a times, the surface of the tooth has defects which can cause a not-so-good looking smile, in Clinica Dental Champsaur, a dental white paste is filled onto these sites to get the targeted look. It is like giving your tooth a special Cosmetic makeover. A onetime trip to the dentist will ensure a great result

Diastema Closure

Look into the mirror and do you find a gap between your front teeth? Well that is the Diastema and we understand that it is the most infamous of all dental shaming. The closure of the space can be done with the help of a microfill composite.

Bonding of Teeth

Often the teeth are separated by a very large length that is difficult to fix. In such cases, composite teeth are added. Also, when the colour of the tooth is not as it should be, a composite veneer is placed upon it to get the desired colour. This process often requires reduction of the teeth to make space for the veneer.

Enamel Shaping

Evident from the name, shaping of the natural teeth to get the desired look is a common cosmetic makeover. From irregularities to shape of the teeth, Shaping can help achieve the destined look. Many a times, braces are to be worn for a stipulated time to get the best results.

Porcelain Veneering

Porcelain is often used for dental makeovers and especially for smile design. Porcelain is a lightweight but highly durable material that will last for years and remains color stable if maintenance recommendations are followed.

Smile Line Makeover

The smile line is that (imaginary) line that runs from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Ideally, these are symmetrical to the curve of the lower lip, but in cases where it is not, Orthodontics is an option that can work very well.

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