Intraoral Scanner in Panama

Intraoral Scanner in Panama

Intraoral Scanners – What Are They?

An intraoral scanner is a device that is used to capture a direct optical impression. The scanner projects a light source onto the area to be scanned. The images are captured by imaging sensors and are processed by scanning software, which then produces a 3D surface model.

An intraoral camera is actually a tiny video camera which takes images of your teeth and gums. Intraoral cameras look similar to electric toothbrushes (minus the bristles) and are typically equipped with a disposable protective sheath for each new exam.

While simultaneously viewing a chairside monitor, your dentist at Clínica Dental Champsaur can insert the intraoral camera into the mouth and gently rotate and turn the device so that many different angled images can be taken in just a few short minutes. These images can also be scaled and refocused to zero in on problem areas and more readily communicate hard-to-conceptualize information to the patient.

Intraoral Scanner in Panama

The Digital Impression Procedure – What’s Involved?
The clinician captures an image of the tooth/teeth preparation. The impression is captured using an intraoral scanner that is inserted into the patient’s mouth and moved over the surface area of the tooth or teeth. There will be a chairside monitor to display the image as it is captured.

It takes approximately a minute and a half to capture a digital impression of prepared teeth. An impression of the teeth in the opposite arch takes just 45 seconds.

As the clinician reviews the real-time image, he or she can enlarge and manipulate it for enhanced detail.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Digital Impressions

Some of the advantages digital impressions include:

Less patient discomfort. Traditional impressions cause discomfort for patients because of the materials and impression trays that are used, often causing a gag reflex. Digital impressions reduce discomfort by eliminating the need for materials and impression trays. They avoid the feeling of impression material dripping down the back of your throat and the feeling of choking whilst waiting for it to set. In addition, you can stop scanning at any time allowing you to take a break – though this is often unnecessary with the average full mouth image scan taking just a matter of minutes.

Time efficiency. No more pouring stone casts and obtaining physical plaster models. Your 3D virtual model will be emailed to the lab.

Simplified procedures for the clinician. If your dentist at Clínica Dental Champsaur is not satisfied with the impression, we will can delete and recapture the impression without having to repeat the entire procedure.

Reduced Costs. Eliminating conventional impression materials translates to less cost to you – the patient.

Better accuracy and precision. Will eliminate any of the inaccuracies resulting from a traditional impression. The restorations are all created digitally meaning the highest-quality restorations every time!

Better comunication. The clinician and dental technician can access real-time impression quality and help make laboratory work faster and more accurate.
Also, with the use of the intraoral scanner, communication with the patient can be easier to explain the treatment plan and clarify doubts if they have one.

State-Of-The-Art Digital Intra-Oral Scanners

Here at Clínica Dental Champsaur, we are proud to be using the revolutionary, state-of-the-art digital intra-oral scanners to ensure we are leading the way in Digital Dentistry. Not all Dental Practices in the Panama provide all these facilities in-house. This means we can ensure our standards are maintained at the highest level of dental care provision.

It is a great tribute to modern dentistry that we are striving for safety and success rates that are edging ever closer to the 100% mark. This is largely due to the utilisation of digital technology within dentistry.

CEREC Sirona

The scanner we use is the CEREC Sirona Omnicam camera and we also have the Sirona milling machine.

If you need to perform an Intraoral Scanner in Panama, contact us to schedule an appointment.


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