Panama Porcelain Crowns

Panama Porcelain Crowns

Everyone wants an amazing smile. However, sometimes you need a little help to get it.

Porcelain crowns or dental crowns can give you that dazzling smile that you wish for, and it can be easier than you think.

Crowns are made by taking impressions of your tooth or teeth and then customising a porcelain cap and then adhering that cap to your tooth.

Dental crowns are fixed prosthetics that are permanently cemented onto your natural teeth with the purpose of covering a damaged or chipped tooth; that said, crowns also strengthen the tooth, improve the alignment of your mouth, and porcelain crowns can definitely improve the overall aesthetic appearance of your teeth and smile in general.

Porcelain crowns are crafted using tooth-coloured porcelain with the aim of blending seamlessly with your other natural teeth – so not only do they strengthen the tooth or teeth being capped, they make your smile more aesthetically pleasing.

Experienced Porcelain Crown Dentists Panama
Our experienced dentists at Clínica Dental Champsaur can apply porcelain crowns with minimal tooth preparation, meaning that most of the tooth is preserved underneath the cap.

Applying dental crowns is a specialised skill set that when performed properly and meticulously can significantly improve the longevity, strength, and appearance of your teeth.

You should always talk with your dentist about your options for improving the health, strength, and appearance of your teeth.

We will be able to advise you as to the best options for improving, strengthening and otherwise making your teeth the best they can be.

How Much Do Porcelain Crowns Cost?
The cost of porcelain crowns depends on a whole range of elements, including the state of your teeth, the material of the crown, the location of the tooth, the size of the tooth, and any other damage to the tooth or surrounding teeth that needs to be repaired.

Different Types of Dental Crowns
There are a variety of options for dental crowns, including ceramic or porcelain crowns, porcelain fused to metal, gold alloys, and base metal alloys.

Porcelain or tooth-coloured crowns tend to be the most popular, because they are the most similar to your actual teeth and can blend in, so others aren’t necessarily aware that they aren’t your original teeth to begin with.
These types of dental crowns are ideal for front teeth or any teeth are particularly when you are smiling or have your mouth open.

Porcelain crowns have not been as strong or sturdy as other types of dental crowns, but that is in the past and their natural look and aesthetic appeal has made porcelain a popular choice.

Recent advances in ceramic composition and bonding techniques have given porcelain crowns the strength and appearance that is comparable to or greater than other materials like zirconia, zirconia reinforced lithium silicate crowns, and lithium disilicate crowns.

Everything you need to know about Panama Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain or ceramic dental crowns are very durable and can last for many years; however, keep in mind that like most other types of dental crown restorations, they may eventually need to be replaced.

Dental crowns can also chip or otherwise be damaged – even the sturdiest porcelain could potentially chip – which will require a consultation with your dentist for a crown repair or replacement.

Porcelain Crowns On Your Molars

Your dentist at Clínica Dental Champsaur will be able to work with you to determine the best types of crowns depending on your individual problems and the location and visibility of the teeth that need to be capped or crowned.

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