Indirect Restorations in Panama

Indirect Restorations in Panama

Restoration is a term used in dentistry to describe the repair of a lost or damaged tooth structure, whether due to cavities, dental trauma or chemical attacks. Restorations are classified as direct or indirect.

Direct restorations are repairs carried out by the dentist, in which, a surface is sculpted or a cavity is filled, once the dental caries has been eliminated, it is a quick and simple procedure, but it requires a lot of technique and operator skill, since they must be perfectly adapted and functional, so that they last longer and do not present tooth sensitivity.

At Clínica Dental Champsaur, we use the best brands in dental biomaterials, which allows us to make resin or ionomer restorations of the best quality.

Indirect Restorations in Panama

Currently, thanks to the Clínica Dental Champsaur, it has the best technology in the national and international market, for us it is very simple and practical, to offer you Indirect restorations, we have an “In Office” Dental Laboratory that consists of an intraoral scanner, machine of block carving and porcelain furnace, which allows us to offer you this type of restorations in a single appointment.

As long as the best alternative for your treatment is an indirect restoration, our specialist will clearly explain the reasons for choosing this option. For example, when the damage to the tooth structure covers more than 65% of the tooth surface, access to the damaged area is difficult or there is a very high aesthetic requirement, it is convenient to manufacture the portion to be used, for through a laboratory process outside the mouth, and then proceed to cement it into the tooth or teeth to be treated.

Some examples include crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

Dental appointments for Indirect Restorations in Panama

The number of appointments to perform your indirect restoration procedure is directly related to the difficulty of the case, the number of restorations and the time you can be in our clinic.

The tooth will be prepared by removing any damaged or decayed tissue and adapting the remaining structure to the optimal shape required. Depending on the type of indirect restoration that is placed, it may also be necessary to remove some of the natural tooth structure to ensure a smooth fit.

Once the tooth is prepared, the dental scan is carried out to obtain a virtual three-dimensional model of your teeth.

If more than one appointment is required for your restoration, a provisional or temporary restoration will be placed, as close to your natural teeth as possible. Once the fragment that will be used to restore your tooth is fabricated, it will be cemented in place.

At Clínica Dental Champsaur, we will always recommend that you choose the tooth shape and color, with the most natural appearance, for us the most important thing is your health and your dental aesthetics, that is why we use the best materials and the most rigorous techniques.

Indirect Restorations in Panama

Common indirect restoration options
Among the most common indirect restoration options:

• Veneers, also known as indirect dental bonding, are thin layers of porcelain that can replace or cover the enamel of a damaged, stained, or deformed tooth. They are made from an impression of your teeth and are especially desirable because their color and translucency mimic the natural enamel of your teeth.

• Dental crowns, also known as dental caps, are appliances that completely cover the surface of a tooth. They are usually bonded to a surface prepared with dental cement, improving both the strength and appearance of a tooth. Crowns can be made of metal (such as gold or titanium), ceramic (such as zirconia, silica, or alumina), or a metal-ceramic composite.

• Bridges are artificial teeth that are placed between real teeth to fill in a space where teeth were removed or missing. The natural teeth that support the bridge are called abutments. A bridge can be fixed (attached to two abutments), cantilevered (attached to one abutment), or bonded (cemented to adjacent abutments). The bridge is usually made of porcelain, metal, or porcelain fused to metal (PFM).

• Implants are dental appliances that are surgically fixed in the jawbone. The implant can be used to support a crown and bridge. The procedure can often require several steps to create a temporary prosthesis, extract the damaged tooth, prepare the implant site, fabricate the permanent prosthesis, and place the implant. Once completed, it can take three to six months for new bone to form (ossify) around the implant and secure it in place.

• Inlays are similar to fillings, but instead of using malleable materials, they are created from a dental impression with porcelain, gold, or a resin composite. The molded inlay, which mimics the appearance of a natural tooth, is cemented in place. Inlays are less prone to shrinkage than fillings and are generally indicated when caries or a fracture is extensive.

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