Best orthodontists in Panama

Best orthodontists in Panama

The experience of more than 50 years and technology used in our dental practice can include our clinic in the list of Best Orthodontists in Panama, we will let our work speak for us. When you visit us you will see our success stories.

Orthodontists are the specialists within the dental profession whose goal is to create beautiful and healthy smiles for children, adolescents and adults by properly aligning the teeth and their bone bases.

Proper orthodontic treatment can make a huge difference in the appearance and function of your teeth. You can straighten teeth, close gaps, and correct alignment. Not only do teeth look better, they work better; can help correct bite problems and jaw abnormalities. At Champsaur Dental Clinic, our team provides specialized orthodontic care in addition to our other dental services.

Orthodontic Treatment in Panama

With a beautiful new smile, comes a bold new version of everyday life, as well as a confidence and certainty, that did not exist before. Our patients leave the Champsaur Dental Clinic armed with a smile that anyone can enchant.
Champsaur Dental Clinic offers a wide range of orthodontic services to meet most patients’ needs. We provide services to children, adolescents and adults. Our services include:

• Aesthetic (transparent) or metallic brackets
• Lingual orthodontics (placed behind the teeth)
• Clear aligners
• Retainers
• Control of craniomaxillary growth and development
• Management of deleterious habits
• Orthopedic appliances of the jaws
• Devices to stimulate and redirect growth in young children

Why we consider us as one of the Best orthodontists in Panama?

Our treatment plans are always individualized and designed specifically according to the needs of each patient. Schedule an orthodontic consultation to find out what type of treatment best suits your wishes and needs, the estimated duration of treatment and your method of payment.

The Champsaur Dental Clinic focuses on treatments that provide the fastest and most effective results to our patients. We know that nobody wants to use brakes forever, that is why we use the latest technologies and products of the best quality, internationally recognized.

What happens during my first orthodontic appointment?
Orthodontics gives us the opportunity to improve the smile and function of each of our patients. Remember that orthodontic treatment is performed on healthy patients, without cavities or gum problems. So it is very likely that if in your first time consultation appointment, the doctor detects an oral problem or pathology, other than orthodontics, she will guide you and refer you to one of our dentists in Panama from Clínica Dental Champsaur, for your shims. , dental cleaning, extractions and others.

The first step in your orthodontic treatment is a consultation to identify your orthodontic needs and goals.
Then, we will take a series of photographs and x-rays to facilitate a comprehensive diagnosis and thus establish the treatment plan to follow.

We will keep you informed every step of the way to make sure you understand all of your treatment options, as we have visual aids to show you what braces look like and how they work.

After the exam, we will decide one of four things:

  1. Treatment is needed now: There are dental problems that require immediate treatment to prevent them from getting worse. Your orthodontic problems will be identified and explained, as well as possible treatments to correct the problems.
  2. No treatment is necessary: ​​Your teeth and jaws function properly and are aesthetically aligned. You don’t need any orthodontic treatment, just a dental check-up every six months and cleaning.
  3. Treatment is needed, but you must wait: sometimes it is advisable to wait for the ideal moment, wait for the baby teeth to finish moving, growth of the jaws or formation of dental roots.
  4. Treatment is needed, but other problems must first be solved: in this case, it is mandatory to remove all cavities, solve gum problems, poor hygiene habits or pending extractions. Remember, the most important thing is your overall health and wellness.

    Your first orthodontic visit is a time for us to get to know each other, to appreciate our practice, and what to expect from your treatment. Contact us and discover why we are a great option among the best orthodontists in Panama

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