Preventative, Restorative and Cosmetic Dental Care

Dental clinics open in Panama

After the pause caused by the pandemic we have returned to our functions but reinforcing our security measures, so if you are looking for Dental clinics open in Panama, here we are!

Our dentist’s main concern is the health and function of your mouth. Clínica Dental Champsaur. dentists provide general and advanced dentistry services for both children and adults at our family dentistry in Panama.

Primary dental care includes preventive dental exams and cleanings, fluoride treatments, application of sealant, and dental X-rays. Restorative work is also available, including fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns, dentures, and bridges.

Dentistry is about much moreth an visiting your dentist for a routine check-up. There are a number of specialties in the field of dentistry. Below we discuss what are the differences between cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dentistry.

Preventative Dentistry in Panama

Preventative dentistry (general dentistry) is concerned with the prevention of dental problems and maintenance of a healthy mouth. Most dental checkups include preventative dentistry such as a full examination, dental x-rays, and dental cleaning.

Preventative dentistry is about caring for the teeth in order to keep them healthy and to prevent the need for future corrective dental procedures.

Preventative care involves maintaining good oral health in the form of daily brushing and flossing as well as regular dental check-ups and professional cleans. This helps to minimise the risk of developing cavities, gingivitis, enamel loss and periodontitis, which require restorative dental treatment.

Restorative Dentistry in Panama

Dental procedures are sometimes required to treat decay or damage in the mouth. This is known as restorative dentistry. This branch of dentistry is different to preventative dentistry in that it seeks to correct dental problems that are already in existence.

Plaque is a sticky, almost colorless layer of bacteria that forms on your teeth that mixes with the sugars in food to produce decay-causing acids.

The aim of restorative dentistry is to restore the appearance and function of teeth.

Some of the common reasons for which patients seek out restorative treatments include tooth decay, chipped or cracked teeth, missing teeth, discolouration, gum infections, misaligned teeth and gaps in teeth. There are many treatment options to correct these problems and your dentist may recommend fillings, dental crowns and bridges, dental implants, root canal or dentures, among many other possibilities to remove infection from a tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Panama

Today’s patients pay more attention to cosmetics than ever before and teeth are a key consideration in personal appearance. Tooth-colored restorative materials are used to cosmetically restore and/or contour teeth with little or no tooth preparation.

Cosmetic dentistry generally refers to any kind of dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth without being an essential procedure. The primary aim of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the aesthetics of a person’s teeth, gums or bite. It deals specifically with the overall appearance of the smile including the colour of the teeth, alignment, position, shape and size and also the appearance of gums.

There are a variety of cosmetic procedures available that are appealing to many people. The most popular procedure is tooth whitening in which teeth are bleached to remove stains and appear brighter. Other common procedures include tooth reshaping in which parts of the enamel are removed to improve the appearance of a tooth, gum lifting, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign tooth straightening

Before undergoing any cosmetic dentistry treatments, a patient must first undergo a complete examination to be sure there are no underlying problems such as decay and infection which could compromise cosmetic outcomes. Cosmetic procedures include tooth whitening.

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