Dental Treatment Backlog in Panama following COVID-19 Crisis

Dentists in Panama

Many people may think that a missed trip to the dentist during the COVID-19 pandemic was not such a bad thing, but this is creating a longer-term problem.

One missed checkup or cleaning is not ideal, but with the dentists in Panama closed for 3 months (and only available for emergency treatment), this is casing a growing backlog in dental appointments in Panama.

Thousands of patients have missed out on check-ups and treatments for routine visits for cleanings, cavities, and bridge work as they have all been out of the question in the time that dental surgeries were closed in Panama.

Huge Backlog of Urgent Cases

The cost of reopening could lead to fee increases due to all the new safety additional precautions, including modified layouts, more barriers and renovations. This is made worse by the reduced throughput of the patients due to social distancing.

The backlog means that there may be a wait if you wish to have a routine procedure, as safety for our staff and patients has to be our top priority. Because there are fewer slots available, our dentists can only see a third of their usual level of patients because of strict infection control measures.

The strict infection control measures could even lead to patients with severe toothache will be left waiting a little while longer than they should be.

We are sorry to disappoint patients who want regular checkups but, at this time, we will be spending time clearing the backlog of people who have got pain and problems.

What are we doing to counter the delays caused by COVID-19?

Our Dentists in Panama at Clínica Dental Champsaur have taken all the recommended measures with the Panamanian Dental Association and MINSA to safeguard the well-being of our doctors, collaborators and especially our patients.

These measures include re-standardizing the procedures for each patient, limiting the number of appointments per day to guarantee social distancing, ensuring that each visitor and collaborator uses masks, disinfect their hands when entering our clinic, and increase instrument sterilization sessions and cleaning and sanitizing of our facilities.

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